highlighting toners

Love colour? Love change?

Change your look and hair colour instantly, experiment with techniques and trend-led looks, then simply wash out and start again. With these illuminating lightweight toner sprays with a metallic sheen, non-committal colour has never been easier - Free your creativity!

The Range

  • Red

    red toner

    Why not become a 'true redhead' and go for a complete 24hr change?

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  • Blue

    blue toner

    Think placement colour focus used on specific areas e.g. fringe, ends.

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  • Brunette

    brunette toner

    Resculpt your face shape by spraying on blonde hair for added depth.

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  • Blonde

    blonde toner

    Create shimmering highlights when applied to darker hair tones.

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Four trend led techniques brought to you by our award-winning International Artistic Team and product experts led by Sacha Mascolo-Tarbuck to create fun new looks.

  • #ColourPopRoot

    Apply to your root section to cover up or accentuate root growth for a fun pop of colour and an on-trend look

  • #TheCoverUp

    Spray for a subtle yet all over hair transformation. Gives hair a metallic sheen, whilst illuminating existing colour

  • #Chroming

    Use as a technique to create focal points in your look, for non-committal multi-dimensional colour

  • #AlternativeOmbre

    Section hair, apply colour to the bottom layer and then style for an alternative take on the ombre trend

Strobing & Contouring

A new beauty revolution is here and it's changing how we apply make-up and hair colour. A colouring technique that involves careful positioning of shadows to contour and highlights to strobe - enhancing the look of your face and hair.

Oblong/Rectangular Face


In order to widen the facial features, apply Brunette Highlighting Toner to the roots and the underneath of the hair to create shadows. A single blonde highlight around the face is used to frame and create a more oval face shape.

Heart/Triangular Face


In order to soften the shape of the chin without widening the forehead, apply Brunette Highlighting Toner to the top of the head and crown areas whilst using the Blonde Highlighting Toner towards the mid-lengths and ends to lighten the jawline.

Round/Square Face


In order to elongate a round or square face, use Blonde Highlighting Toner at the top and ends of the hair, whilst applying Brunette Highlighting Toner at the sides of your face, for a slimmer and more contoured appeal.

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